Plastic Recycling

At Woodside Recycling we specialise in the collection and recycling of packaging materials. The bulk of this is, and has historically been, corrugated cardboard packaging. But as material technologies develop we are seeing more Loose Plasticand more uses for plastics. In the past the development of plastics for usage as a packaging material gave us concern, but we are now able to collect this material for reprocessing. It is often the case that the yield from recycled plastics is higher than that from recycled cardboard as the processes do not depend upon a certain fibre length which can be damaged and reduced by repeated refinement. Therefore in the long-term it is quite likely we will see even more uses for plastics in the packaging market place.Plastic Bale

Because of the nature of plastic films it is normally neccessary to use some form of compaction equipment to handle and store the material; often small balers, rota-packers or cylindrical compactors are used. This way you can store your waste plastic much more effectively without taking up the vast amount of space consumed by loose materials.

If you already recover your plastic waste and would like a competitive quotation for the collection of this material please contact us with your requirements.

Alternatively if you are not currently recovering your plastic waste and would like to discuss the options in detail then please contact our office, and we will be happy to make a mutually convenient appointment for us to visit your site and look at practical solutions to your handling needs.